RESTORE was founded in 2011 by Mike and Shirley Pounds after years in many different ministries. They were living in the Contra Costa County and found that their hearts ached for the increasing number of poor that they saw in the Contra Costa County.

As they learned more about the poor in their area, they learned that many of them suffered from the sickness of addiction. Heartbroken for the lack of resources for support, they felt God calling them to open an Addiction Recovery Home to help addicts find healing in every area of their life. 

Today, RESTORE has 4 homes: 3 for men, and 1 for women and children. RESTORE works hard to unite families that have been broken by the throes of addiction, and seeks to provide addicts with the practical life skills that they need to function within society. 

About Our Founders

Mike and Shirley have Bible College training and extensive training in Leadership Development and Supervision. Mike began his career with Peniel Mission in 1968 and was joined by Shirley in ministry when they got married in 1970.

Mike and Shirley spent the first 15 years of marriage in the inner city of Oakland, doing ministry work. Throughout 28 years they both served with Peniel Missions where Mike was appointed by World Gospel Mission as the Field Supervisor. Both of them had supervisory responsibilities for the overall care and management of the West Coast Peniel Missions located in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and Stockton; the Haitian American Ministries in Florida also became part of the Peniel Missions.

In 1998, Mike and Shirley joined CityTeam where Mike became Regional Vice President of West Coast sites. Shirley became City Director in San Francisco and grew a struggling city ministry into a 4,000 strong volunteer effort annually.

 They founded RESTORE in 2011 and are actively involved to this day and are as passionate today about seeing the addicted poor receive transformation from Jesus as they were when they began their ministry.


Francis Chan

Francis is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, and is the founder of Ete
rnity Bible College. He is the best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and Erasing Hell.

“I have had an opportunity to briefly view the work being done of Cityteam in San Francisco, especially in the area of their residential recovery program, under Shirley Pounds’ leadership. My brother, Paul Chan, Director of World Impact San Francisco, has been partnering with Cityteam San Francisco for several years.  Our new outreach in the San Francisco Hunter’s Point area, has a passion to make disciples that multiply and recently received one of the graduates of the Cityteam program.”

Former President of Cityteam and author of The Father Glorified. (Cityteam)

Dr. Tom Hermiz

Tom is the former president of World Gospel Mission. He is an evangelist, musician, author and General Superintendant of Church of Christ in Christian Union.

“I had the privilege of being the President of World Gospel Mission while the Pounds were missionaries. They served as leaders of our inner city Peniel Missions. Both were involved in expanding the outreaches to reach more of the addicted poor with added locations and effective Biblical programs. I commend them for following the Lord in a new start-up to reach the homeless in their own backyard.”

Linda is a church planting catalyst with the North American Mission Board and an adjunct professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. She co-authored Church Turned Inside Out: A Guide for Designers, Refiners and Re-Aligners as well as The Wholehearted Church Planter.

Ross Rohde

Ross is a consultant for the Organic Church Movement and the author of Viral Jesus.

“It has been my pleasure over the last year to meet with Mike Pounds every Tuesday morning for coffee. We meet with a number of others in various ministries so we can encourage and advise each other. My relationship with Mike has been a mutually beneficial. I am learning about the realities of ministering to the addicted poor while Mike is learning more about how organic church movements can benefit those who don’t fit well in a congregational setting.”