As a young child, I was adopted by a wonderful family who have loved and supported me throughout my journey.    At an early age, I struggled from an addiction and my life gradually spiraled out of control.   When my beautiful baby girl was born, Child Family Services immediately came and took her from me.     This was so hard and deep inside I was determined to seek recovery!    I graduated from a 90-day program and miraculously, was able to get into the RESTORE Women’s Home.   I finally felt safe and my daughter and I had a place to call HOME!  The other mothers in the home soon became family to me.

Early at RESTORE, I found out about Jesus and His love for me and started attending church regularly.    I gave my life to Christ and was baptized!   I have been employed at a nearby Hallmark store since 2017.   Child Family Services closed my case and my daughter is fully reunified to me – for which I praise God!

I was able to move into my own home in 2019!   I am enjoying my new life and look forward to all that God has for our family in the future!

Graduate George


Kelly and Daughter

I started using drugs when I was 11 years old. When I was 30, I hit bottom when Child Family Services took my one years old daughter from me.   I immediately entered a recovery program and graduated, but was frightened because I had no safe place to live for my next step. Miraculously, RESTORE’s doors opened and I moved into the Women’s Aftercare Recovery Home. This is where I first heard about Jesus Christ. More and more I opened my heart and life to Christ and allowed Him to change me completely. There was so much of the Presence of God in this home. We prayed together, studies the Bible together and I made dear friends who walked beside me through tough times and good times.  I was able to clear the wreckage from my past!  It was 14 months before Child Family Services finally allowed me to have my daughter back into my care.

My life is so blessed today. In May 2019, my daughter and I rented our first ever home! I am a manager at a local Burger King. I am working on getting my AA in Business Management. God is so good to me and I look forward to my future and raising my daughter in a Christian home, where we read the Bible and pray together!

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