Blessing our community with over 10 years of addiction recovery and homeless outreach.

Providing hope and restoration for the addicted poor in Contra Costa County.

What we do.

In America 23 million suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. At RESTORE we care for those that are addicted and homeless but who still desire to break free from addiction.

With your help, we are seeing the forgotten in our community find sobriety and become self-sufficient!!

Men's Residential Addiction Recovery Home

Home-like environment for homeless or court-assigned clients who want long-term recovery from addiction.

Men's Aftercare Recovery Home

Transitional housing for men who have completed a residential program.

Women's Aftercare Recovery Home

Home for mother’s to reunite with their children, with the Family Court System, while building life-long stability.

More Than a Meal
Homeless Outreach

The More Than a Meal ministry was founded to bring restoration to those who are hungry, hurting, and broken. In addition to providing the homeless population of Contra Costa County with food, More Than a Meal is an opportunity for relationships to form.

We believe that going beyond nutrition, is key to providing transformation to those who are in extreme poverty. Today, we partner with White Pony Express and local organizations to bring food to the homeless throughout the week, but our vision is much bigger: to gently encourage them to seek help for mental, physical, and addiction issues.

COVID-19 Crisis Response

 When the pandemic began, county and private shelters in our area were unable to accept any new clients. In response, RESTORE launched our More-Than-A-Meal program. More-Than-A-Meal provides pre-packaged food, fresh fruit, and water to homeless camps in our area, feeding over 500 people a month. More-Than-A-Meal aims to build genuine connection and deeper relationships with the chronic homeless in our area, and guide them into recovery and mental health programs.

Why we are different

RESTORE first and foremost relies upon the transformation found through Jesus Christ. We place our hope in Him and believe that from God comes the empowerment to build new life.  Our programs have been shaped by this core belief and have led us to offering unique recovery programs.

  • We facilitate recovery in residential homes.

  • We work with those recently assigned to RESTORE from incarceration who struggle with addiction.

  • We provide residential, transitional homes after the addicted poor go through our recovery program that offers support and accountability as they learn to live sober, productive lives. We are one of the few aftercare transitional recovery homes for women with children.

  • We offer mentoring and coaching to other compassionate leaders around the world, who are interested in providing services for the addicted poor.

Working alongside the court systems

Many of our male candidates come to us from the county jail. A judge, after the candidate is vetted by RESTORE, assigns them to finish a residential addiction recovery program instead of starting a prison sentence. What a blessing to see transformational recovery in residents who are on probation or parole. This also saves tax payers thousands of dollars in prison costs.