Thanksgiving Meals for the Homeless

Help us provide meals for the 2,300 unsheltered people living in Contra Costa County.

There will be multitudes of men, women, and children in homeless camps during Thanksgiving week who are desperately in need.

Through your compassionate giving, RESTORE is able to provide a pre-packaged, hot Thanksgiving Dinner to those who are in homeless camps during Thanksgiving week.

Each meal costs $3.38. Your gift of $16.90 will serve 5 precious people. $33.80 will serve 10; $50.70 will serve 15 precious people. $84.50 will serve 25 people. 

Help us provide those who will be hurting this holiday with the hope of a new life. We are thankful for your generosity.

What else can I do to help?

More Than a Meal Ministry

During COVID, many local resources for the hungry had to close their doors, leaving many individuals and families destitute for food and shelter. Our hearts were breaking with so much hunger, hopelessness, desperation!

RESTORE’s residential men started caring for the hungry in homeless camps, safely providing 8,000 pre-packaged meals as well as blankets, water, hand sanitation, shoes, socks, tents, warm coats and other essentials. 

The hope of a new life.

RESTORE’s program breathes life into the addicted poor of the Contra Costa County, providing them with the opportunity of a fresh start and a new life. Learn more about how RESTORE’s program is unique and pivotal for our community.