Restore Statement on Leadership Transition

We are excited to announce our new Executive Director: Mike Sisler. Mike Sisler started on November 1st, and comes to us with over 20 years of recovery experience, and 6 years of volunteering with Restore. Mike is a man of God who has a passion for the healing power of our Lord Jesus, knowing that only by His power do people gain long term sobriety.

Mike Sisler started volunteering with Restore 6 years ago, and has been sponsoring some of our men. He started working in the Executive Director roll November 1, 2022.

Laura Wolters, founding board member, took on the roll of Acting Director of Operation from February 17 through December 14, 2022.

Previous statement regarding the Pounds:
On behalf of Restore’s Board of Trustees, we are writing to inform you that effective February 17, 2022 Mike Pounds has resigned and is no longer associated with Restore in any way. We are praying for Mike as he moves forward with his choices for healing and restoring in his life. Shirley has decided to resign as well effective March 9, 2022. The Pounds are not connected in any way with any RESTORE ministries. We ask for your prayers for Mike and Shirley, our Restore ministry, and our staff and residents.
GOD has done and is continuing to do amazing and miraculous things through the ministry of Restore. We have witnessed dozens of graduates of Restore who have been freed from the bondage of addiction and poverty through Restore and the redemptive saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. This enables and powers the personal restoration of purpose, meaning, family relationships, employment, housing, and a productive and healthy lifestyle that affects many more children, spouses, and loved ones.
We are committed to boldly continuing this humble mission for restoring lives and families. We have a common future vision of thousands of lives to come, changed through Restore. We have a leadership team in place that is praying for Kingdom restoration as we invigorate our leadership structure.
We appreciate your support, partnership and prayers in the days and weeks ahead and look forward to sharing with you updates as we move forward.